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Project Roles Registered on
Arcaze-USB Manager 10/22/2010
Arcaze-USB SDK Manager 02/21/2013
Arcaze-USB SDK -OLD- (C# only) Manager 02/21/2013
Zefant-DDR Manager 10/22/2010
Zefant-LC3E Manager 10/22/2010
Zefant-XS3 Manager 10/22/2010
Xilinx picoBlaze Flasher Manager 10/22/2010
Zefant-nano ARM7-LPC2478 Manager 10/22/2010
ESP Setup App Manager 04/29/2016
FlashProgrammer GUI Manager 10/22/2010
SimSol Public Library Manager 10/22/2010
nano Universal Baseboard Manager 10/22/2010
XAPP800 Direct SPI Flasher Manager 10/22/2010
Zefant-nano (Spartan-3) Manager 10/22/2010
Zefant-nano (Virtex-4) Manager 10/22/2010



07:38 PM Arcaze-USB Arcaze USB-Interface-5.65.exe
Stephan Schirrmann


02:51 PM Arcaze-USB Arcaze USB-Interface-5.64.exe
Chained Display Driver 32 Modules work correctly now Stephan Schirrmann


07:41 AM Arcaze-USB Arcaze USB-Interface-5.63.exe
Corrected Bug related to Display Driver 32. Attention: Old Display Driver 1 not tested yet, due to lack of old hardware. Stephan Schirrmann


11:51 PM Arcaze-USB Arcaze USB-Interface-5.62.exe
Self-Reset Bug in Firmware corrected. Moved Settings to Common AppData. Pulse Width cannot be longer than Period anym... Stephan Schirrmann


05:22 PM Arcaze-USB Arcaze_USB-Interface-5.60.exe
Stephan Schirrmann
09:46 AM Arcaze-USB SDK -OLD- (C# only) Revision 2: added outputData.Clear() after sending data to LED Driver3 to remove duplicated outputs
Stephan Schirrmann


06:28 PM Arcaze-USB SDK Revision 1: inital commit - based on revision 169 of local Arcaze repository
Stephan Schirrmann
06:16 PM Arcaze-USB SDK -OLD- (C# only) Revision 1: inital commit
Stephan Schirrmann


12:56 PM Arcaze-USB Arcaze_USB-Interface-5.55.exe
Firmware Changes are relevant to Arcaze SDK Users only (fixed ReadQuadratureEncoders() ). No need to update if you do... Stephan Schirrmann


11:43 PM Arcaze-USB Arcaze_USB-Interface-5.54.exe
Support for LED-Driver3 added, Common Commands improved, Bugfixes, Coolie Hat temporarily removed Stephan Schirrmann

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